Friday, December 31

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone, I hope 2011 brings you everything you want. I just wanted to post you all a new year wish whilst playing on my stepdad's iPad! It is truly awesome :) it has certainly been an eventful year but mostly a good one and I am hoping that 2011 will be good. New job for my husband, hopefully a new home soon, and some very good new friends that have been made.

Have a fabulous rest of the night and I'll see you on the other side!

Happy crafting

Thursday, December 30

Closing 2010

I am closing 2010 on a good and positive note, and starting as I mean to go on, and by that I mean this bracelet which was a UFBO until 2 days ago! I originally started this piece out intending to make it into a necklace, but as they are leftover beads from another bracelet I just wasn't going to have enough so have made it into another bracelet instead. Boy does Cellini Spiral take time to build up! All in all though, I'm really quite pleased, and can't wait to get my other UFBO's out.

In other news, I hope you have been following the fabulous Margie and Me competition hosted by Marcie and La Bella Joya - if not, CLICK HERE NOW and view the beautiful pieces that have been submitted, there are still a couple more days of voting. I've put my vote in, but it was very hard!

I have also treated myself to a couple of books having had a flick through them after my friend got them for Christmas - I've been watching them, umming and ahh-ing for a few months now! Can't wait :)

Saturday, December 25

Christmas Cheer!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have all had a fantastic and festive day - I've had a great time, and seen plenty of family, it's been lovely catching up. As I may have mentioned, my beloved hubby made me a stocking of beautiful beady goodness. Just in case you'd like a bit of an eyeful, here follow the full stash :)

I also got a lovely surprise in getting Laura McCabe's Embellished Beadweaving book from my sister! The paper was off this little beauty faster than you can say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now I just need to find more time in the day to be able to do more beading... Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

So how did you celebrate your Christmas Day?

Thursday, December 23

Christmas Eve, Eve!

We had our Secret Santa at work today. I got THE BEST present - a fantastic-ly awesome woolly bear hat and a box of Quality Street. Love my secret santa - honestly though, still not sure who it is, but I will be wearing this hat until my head just boils over :)

All Christmas wrapping is now finished, I had a last minute dash to Paperchase (swit-swoo!) to get a couple of boxes for the last bits, but now it's all done, and tomorrow we can bring on the festive cheer because Christmas starts on Christmas eve for me and DH.

Tomorrow we are off to see DH's mum and family, Saturday is my family and Sunday is DH's dad/auntie's etc - Woop for busy family holidays. Just hope everyone's as happy with their gifts as I am with my secret santa :D On another note, it also means only 2 days 'til I get to open my beady secret santa gift - EXCITED! All will be revealed on Christmas Day don't you worry :)

Just noticed I'm very 'on' the smiley faces tonight. To be honest, I'm quite looking forward to Christmas this year and it's brilliant. I'm afraid due to all of the excitement recently I've not made any new beady type things, but my friend did like the beaded ornament that I sneakily attached to her secret santa gift... It's our little secret! Ooh AND I got to use one of my new MOO business cards for it's intended purpose of being an earring card, it looks fab, even though I say so myself - will post a pic when it's been opened and you can let me know what you think (professionally speaking...)

Hope you're all having fun getting ready for Christmas!

Saturday, December 18

Christmas Wishes

View from the flat earlier this evening...
Well, it's nearly that time! I will be trying to get around all of my blogs that I follow but that seems to be far more than anticipated so if I don't make it to you, please accept my apologies and I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.

I'm just about set now, with the arrival of my sister's present I'm just waiting for one thing in the post and keeping my fingers crossed... Especially since the snow has made such a comeback today. It was alright this morning, I went to my bead class and though the temperature was -6 it wasn't so bad - I sit at my parents for a few hours, and when I go out, the snow has covered my car and caused me to have to drive at 5mph for over half the journey because there's no traffic on the roads and my car just slips and slides... Add to that, several of the rear wheel drive cars coming past almost at right angles, and it wasn't my favourite journey ever!

Aanyway, here's what I made today - pretty little tree decorations to go on my small tree at home!

And finally, I made a little Christmas bauble for my niece, who we call Little Pig. Photos aren't brilliant, but it's quite cute :)

Well, I'm off to try and warm up! Fingers crossed the snow will be disappearing again soon...

Monday, December 13

Christmas Countdown!

Can you believe it is less than 2 weeks to Christmas? I don't know where the time has gone at all! I've managed to get my Secret Santa all packed up and now ready to go, hopefully it will arrive safe and sound. Had a bit of a faux pas with a finding and a last minute borrow from a friend - what a nightmare! Will tell you more when all is revealed after Christmas :) I'm quite excited to share as it's a first for me, having to use supplied materials.

I also invested in a pretty flower cutting stamp thing which I'm now obsessed with and have put into my Secret Santa, oh what fun and joy such simple things bring me...

So have you done all of your Christmas shopping? I think I'm almost there now, and have even written most of my Christmas cards... All that's left is to get them delivered to the recipients now ;) that's the bit I normally fail on. I just hope that my postie gets all of my mail delivered in time as there's more snow forecast, and the last bout meant no post for over 3 days! I would hate to think what the post system must be like out of town if it was that bad in the town centre...

I'm afraid as I've been finishing off my SS pieces, I don't have anything new to show you, so I will leave you with this!

Friday, December 3

Christmas Decoration Swap

The fabulous Tania Grey has made some Christmas decoration goodies in the kiln, so put them up for swap for beady baubles - now who am I to turn down such a lovely swap :) Here's my swap I'll be posting out this weekend (if the postie's ever get it to it's destination that is!)

I had to abandon my car at work last night and have my office manager give me a lift home, my supervisor picking me up this morning - wish me luck getting the little car home tonight for the weekend!

Happy crafting

Wednesday, December 1

Festival festivities

Aha, so it was announced this week the headline act for Download 2011 at Donington Park and WE ARE GOING! System of a Down are reforming and headlining, and I will not miss it for the world. For those who don't know, Download is a rock festival held here in the UK over 5 days with 3 days of music. Can't wait, just can't believe how much the ticket prices have been inflated this year - Download festival planners know we just can't resist a hook and line as tempting as System of a Down... The sinker just got sunk (and this is before any other bands are confirmed!)

Aaanyway, as I can't show you my Secret Santa piece/s, which be coming on rather well now after my little glitch, I thought I would share my first Christmas bauble! I did go out last night and purchase some gold and silver baubles so I can make some more of these pretties so watch this space, they're so lovely to do. Christmas tree presents I think - that personal touch for a not-so-wealthy Christmas that we will be having this year.

Are you planning on making your own decorations? What have you got planned?

Happy crafting!

Monday, November 29


I feel like I've been a busy bee this week! I've made more progress with my Secret Santa, finished a Christmas Bauble, and now want to make more, and got plenty of housework and paperwork done. Also, you will notice everything gradually being re-branded - I finally got off my butt and made myself a simple but quite pretty (I think) logo. What do you think?

I'm having real problems at the moment with ribbon ends, and have had to resort to using a different technique for my SS - I guess some things we are just not meant for, and ribbons are not my thing.

I've also indulged the last two weeks in two of my favourite magazines, Bead & Button and Beadwork. There are some absolutely beautiful patterns in there this month, and there just aren't enough hours in the day. What's your favourite magazine?

Two items listed in my Folksy shop now, hopefully more before long - any comments would be appreciated.

Happy crafting

Sunday, November 21

Folksy Festivities

I had the pleasure of meeting plainprimitives at a craft fair my mother in law was selling at on Saturday. I've been teetering on the edge of starting a Folksy shop for a matter of months now, and wasn't sure whether to take the plunge or not. On the promise that the tax side is not so hard, I finally took that plunge yesterday, and have listed my first item today. I'm all excited, I know it's not that much so far but I'm hoping to have a few more items to list very soon.

Also, I have taken new photographs of a chunk of my jewellery as you can see - courtesy of my mother's lovely hunk of quartz. My knees were so unbelievably stiff after an hour of shooting these pictures, but it was so worth it.

Secret Santa is coming on - Jim's out at darts tomorrow night so I hope to get a bit further with that too.

Thought I'd just share Saturday's project with you too :)

Happy crafting

Saturday, November 20

Secret Santa

Woo, work's starting to pick up a bit now the weather's getting cold - good old heating maintenance... It's nice to get home and chill out of an evening and get down to some beading.

I got so excited this week - the arrival of my Secret Santa package for our Bead Buddies challenge turned up, and I was sooo nervous at the thought of what might be in the selection but I needn't have feared! Lovely colours and the beads are right up my street, so I have made a start. Just got to decide where I'm taking the started item... Wish I could give you guys the details but as it's Secret Santa, I can't do that until my Buddy has received and opened it! Something to look forward to ;) hopefully you'll love it - and hopefully my Buddy will too.

On another note, I took the plunge this evening and have opened a shop of Folksy - don't get too impressed just yet, I haven't listed anything, but now I have a reason to get my butt into gear and get over to my parents in daylight tomorrow to get some acceptable standard of photographs so I can get down to listing. Fingers crossed Little Treats will be up and running tomorrow evening - watch this space.

If you wouldn't mind spreading the word a bit - please 'like' my facebook fan page HERE - I'd greatly appreciate it.

Happy crafting

Sunday, November 7


Bloggers! Does anyone else have ideas to post on the blog during the day/night, but by the time you come to the screen, ready to type away, you just don't know where to begin? I've suffered this alot recently, not only with blogging but my beading, which is not good at all!

I am underway with my cuff, just chasing inspiration now - I've just got Microsoft Office this week though, and discovered MS OneNote - for the win! I'll have a designated inspiration gathering space for any project I start now. For my first cuff, I'm going for a gunmetal/black/turquoise colour scheme with the snowflake obsidian cabochons. Watch this space.

I sat and photographed my jewellery before I went out to see some old friends last night. They seemed to come out OK, but having reviewed them on screen I'm a bit gutted. It looks like daylight is my only option - only problem is, we don't have a great supply here in our flat. This is going to have to be a mission to complete at dad's when the weather's not too grim - if only my sister had just got her butt in gear, I wouldn't have to be doing it in the first place! I've also decided that I'm still not happy with my website, but I just can't afford hosting with MrSite or anything like that, as little as it may be. I think in all seriousness, I'm in no position to have an online business yet, I've nowhere near enough stock (or time). Perhaps one day.

Over at Bead Buddies we are having a Secret Santa! Everyone taking part gets a mystery goody bag and we have to use only what is in the bag to make a gift for our partner. Of course we can add a clasp where necessary. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm nervous but excited. Partners are to be drawn later this week when the bags are sent out. I hope there are seedies in mine!

I've made a decision that between now and Christmas I am going to try and finish (or pick apart) all of my UFBO's (unfinished beady objects), so that I can make a fresh start in 2011. I came across one such piece whilst taking my photographs. Having put it on the bust, I actually like it asymmetrical and think I may take off the green beads and replace them with a couple of lengths of chain - what do you think? Obviously the bottom needs finishing too.

Blimey - from no inspiration to a long blog entry - thanks for the venting space blogosphere, and if you're still reading, thank you! I would love feedback from you guys on my website and that necklace.

Happy crafting

Wednesday, November 3

Christmas plannings

Well, I have just treated my DH to the new Bond game on the Wii - the limited edition one, with the golden controller. Yes, he's a big kid :)

He's promised me another beady goody bag for my stocking this year in return :D Much excitement - just got to figure out a few essentials and drop some hints now... If you're reading this Jim - stay tuned!

Our car is fixed. She starts better, she stops better, and best of all - there's a working clutch. Hoorah.

I have decided to put my beaded flower onto a length of brass/gold chain, but am still not quite happy with it, I think it needs something underneath it and I'm not sure how low it should hang either - time to experiment a little.

Onwards and upwards - happy crafting!

Tuesday, November 2


Lorelei's Blog: Sisterhood of the Traveling Beads Giveaway!: "Last week, I was the lucky recipient of the Sisterhood of the Traveling bead box- (Originated by the talented Heather Powers of Humblebeads-..."

Monday, November 1

Midnight Monday

Midnight - Disassembly-Boy on deviantART
Because - can you believe it - it was dark when I left work today. DARK! Pitch black. And I wasn't very happy about it. Apparently today is one of the most depressing days of the year, and I would be quite prepared to believe it. How rubbish is it when you get up in the dark to go to work and then when you leave to go home... It's dark!?

I have had a peek and tried to find some brighter takes on 'Midnight' - just to cheer myself up a bit!

Midnight Garden Pendant - Lottie of London

Midnight Garden cards - made by lolly

Pink Owl Necklace - Ich Bin
How cute is the little pink owl? I love it :P Suddenly, I feel much happier. I had a slight glitch in the starting of my embroidered cuff this evening - I thought I would make sure the cabochon had stuck properly, and possibly pulled it a bit too much... Right off in fact (oops!) Lessons learned, I definitely need some sort of sanding paper to rough it up for future pieces, and also, just let it be and bead a tight bezel to keep it there?? Numpty that I am. The learning curve has begun.

Happy crafting x

Sunday, October 31

Hurrah! And Boo at the same time

Finally, I have gotten around to finishing a piece! Although, I say finish and what I really mean is - what on earth am I going to do with it? Pendant, brooch, basis for a beadwoven necklace? I just don't know, so chances are it will sit on my desk for a while looking flowery and a bit Christmassy... Perhaps a tree decoration? The options are endless.

On a slightly poo-ier note, my car broke this week :( my second car and the second clutch to have failed, I think I have a penchant for broken clutches... Only on my last car it was merely a snapped cable (a meagre £20 to fix). This time, unfortunately, it's a bit more sinister for my little car and requires a whole new clutch... Now we're talking hundreds and I've only bought it a month ago! Poo! Poo! Poo! The things we do for our motors. But I do love her, so I will get her made better, and hopefully with new brake pads and glow plugs she will be happier than ever. I hope.

Car talk over :) I've stuck myself a snowflake obsidian cabochon onto my first piece of prepared Lacey's Stiff Stuff, and will be getting ready to start my first piece of experimental bead embroidery. I'm still deciding on the colour scheme but I figure I'll just make it up as I go along. As it's my first piece, it's more an experiment on how to use the various techniques... I am certainly not promising you all a masterpiece! In the meantime, have a look at Sherry Serafini's stunning work - if that doesn't inspire you, I just don't know what will. Click the image below to go to her site:

Happy crafting

Tuesday, October 19


Last night I took a little return trip to where this jewellery making adventure started - simple wire work! This adorable handbag charm was the outcome. Think I'll be making a couple more for the craft fair on Saturday... Which I am panicking about because it's my first one and I have no business cards/flyers/posters or anything!!

Any tips - greatly appreciated

I've recently been taken in by the beautiful bead embroidery pieces by  Sherry Serafini, and have just purchased my first aluminium cuffs with my first sheet of lacey's stiff stuff and ultrasuede - how exciting! To go with these buys, I have treated myself to two new books to get me started :) All that I need to do now is get some cabochons ordered... Oops. Well out comes the sketch book, it's time to get some ideas about what I'm going to do with this new found beautiful way of beading.

Thursday, October 14

Puff the beaded dragon

...Say hello to Puff the beaded dragon (as named by DH... and then sing the song!)

I've had alot of fun making this bracelet, isn't it so sweet? Big thanks to Donna for a fantastic tutorial, all that's left is for me to source some 11mm bugles to make some wings - or maybe I will leave her without for a while? I'm not sure... I think I'll order the beads, make up the wings and see how it looks with them! 

Have you entered the giveaway yet? If not, get a move on!

Happy crafting

Tuesday, October 12

Fab giveaway

Visit Love My Art Jewelry for a fab prize opportunity! Just click on the image to the left. Don't try too hard though, I want these little babies :)

The dragon is coming along, the body is now complete and he will have a head very soon. I'm so excited :D

Happy crafting

Sunday, October 10

Mythical project alert!

DSCF3154.jpgFinally, the mojo appears to be making a return, and I think it must in part be down to Donna of Delicate Sparkles and her fantastic dragon bracelet. I came across a thread on Bead Buddies wanting the pattern testing and thought I would be too late, but hurrah for bead buddies and hurrah for this fab project :) It's the first set of instructions that I've worked from that is entirely words, but I'm 3/4 of the way through the body and think I have everything I need except for some 11mm bugles which I couldn't find anywhere at the bead shop! Wings will have to wait then...

You can take a look at the thread here and see all of the other little dragon critters the buddies have created so far. I just loved them all, especially Bernie (who you can see in traditional dragon colours on page 5!)

In other news, my friend has called today to tell me my car has been sold, and it will be collected tomorrow - sad times! But she sure does look smart with her new paint job - no more white bonnet for Milly it's all red all the time from here on out!

Must get back to the dragon - pics to follow soon :) Ooh and don't get too excited just yet, but once I reach 50 followers... I feel a giveaway would be a lovely idea - yay for beady friends!

Happy crafting

Monday, October 4

A little treat for Littletreats

Well I've had a bit of a spendathon today, I desperately needed a new wardrobe and have spent probably far too much on not enough but it sure has been nice :)

Included in the spending spree is this adorable bag by Jentwinkle which I will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of.

Not so good on the beading front, sorry all - it's all the worse as I'm supposed to be making pieces to take to the craft fair in a matter of weeks, and I just can't find my creative mojo! I'm in need of getting some bookmarks and phone charm dangles to pretty up and bulk out the stock I think... Pinks and purples? I think so... I'm in a pinky purpley mood.

Saw the photos my sister has been working on today, they're looking good - I just hope the weather clears up for a day so she can finish them as I really would like my jewellery back sometime SOON!!

Happy crafting

Sunday, October 3

Birthday weekend over, just a birthday lunch, a birthday meal and a night out and then my 21st is all done! Had a fab weekend at Alton Towers, except it absolutely hammered it down on Friday; Saturday was lovely though and spent the morning in the waterpark before the long drive home in the - you guessed it - pouring rain. Trying to upload a photo but my pc is so unbelievably rubbish at the moment I can't even upload a 148kb image! What a load of poo... EDIT: yay got it!

Anyway, bead-wise I am half way through the base of an embellished cuff, and am fast running out of beads... Looks like a trip to the bead shop will be in order, but when?! I have a simple RAW necklace to finish, which I really want to complete by Saturday's class, and then I'll be choosing what colour embellishments I'm using.

Tuesday, September 14

Bid for Beads!

Hey everyone!

On a cheerier note, the exclusive Bead Buddies Beaded Bead necklace is up for auction NOW! Bid here and make a difference - all proceeds are going to Macmillan Cancer (not profits, every single penny!) so please do bid generously!

There are many hours of work and thousands of beads involved in the making of this, but if you pop over to the auction full details are there :)

Happy bidding!

Monday, September 13

On a personal note....

I know this is a blog about my beading, but I'm beginning to feel that this is as much a part of it as not. I'm suffering a huge creative block at the moment and, whether it's to do with the lack of creativity or what, I just don't know what is causing me to feel how I do at the moment.

It doesn't really make a lot of sense that I'm feeling this way at the moment, I've just got married to the most amazing man I could ask for, who I love unconditionally; I've had a gorgeous honeymoon, I am settled into my new job, and I'm being treated to a weekend away in just a few weeks time for my birthday. Oh, and I have found the Car. My life is pretty darn good at the moment. I just wish I knew why I am feeling this withdrawn from it all.

I was going to do a lot tonight whilst DB was at darts but instead what have I done? I've sorted out a single load of washing, watched Ugly Betty on 4OD and eaten spaghetti. Perhaps it's the change of the season, as Winter draws in and it gets darker earlier and earlier. It might be because despite having found 'the car', it now means I have to part with my friend Milly the Clio who I will miss, as much as I shout at her sometimes. But missing a car? It just sounds ridiculous. I just can't escape the fact that there's something that's just eating away at me at the moment and I'd really quite like to just be cheerful again.

Sorry for the pointless rambling post guys, way off topic I know, just had to get this out into words somewhere...

Happy crafting to you all, and fingers crossed I'll be back on it again soon too

Thursday, September 9

Love Admiral

Managed to get my insurance brought forward at the same price by 9 days :) Hurrah!

Beading has unfortunately taken a back seat these last two weeks, but I am happy to say I'll be back at the Bead Shop on Saturday morning (even if I will be leaving 15 minutes early so I can go and collect my new car!) :)
I have managed to finish my second commission piece though, minus the lobster clasp, so pictures soon.

Note to self: next time asking sister a favour, don't expect it to be done when advised - times it by at least 10! Still not got those photos of my pieces for the website, may have to get a bit snap happy myself this weekend.

Ooh, I did make some cute piggy earrings last night though! Swarovski crystals, pink pearls and adorable lampwork pigs on sterling silver earhooks.

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, September 8

LittleTreats BUYS...

A VW Golf! At last! I'm so ecstatic, although aside from collecting it on Saturday, I won't be driving it until the end of the month. But it's ours, deposit paid!

So in celebration, here are all things motor-y :) take a look
Large image

VW Camper Cushion by Blue Stripes - might have to get one for the new car :P

Large image

VW Camper Wine Glass by Rose Petal - I LOVE this, and, because they are hand painted, they can be made 100% personalised! 

Large imageFramed VW Badge by Framedup - to remind you how much you love your Dubber, or just in case a little ratbag steals yours? ;)

Large imageSilver cufflinks featuring vintage die cast micro machine cars by O'blue - These were too cute not to feature (I love miniatures, they always look so cute!)

Large imageF1 racing fan meerkat by Niftyknits - and where would we be without a driving fan meerkat? Adorable, and all meerkats are hand-knitted with their own little personality :)

Happy crafting!

Sunday, September 5

Whirlwind weekend

This weekend's been a quick one! Car hunting, commission making, mazda driving and website re-launching... Be sure to visit the new look website and tell me what you think!

Proper update to follow tomorrow, and hopefully another finished piece to show you all :)

Happy crafting!

Friday, September 3

Car hunting...

It's taking a while, but tomorrow I'll be going out to have a look at another VW Golf - fingers crossed! I took a spin out in the parents new Mazda MX-5 yesterday, Miyako is a pretty little thing!

Unfortunately there's still been a lack of progress on the photo front - little sis has discovered the joys of the real world and WORKING! I, on the other hand, am very much looking forward to the end of the month when Jim's taking me out to Alton Towers for the weekend for my birthday :)

I'm a third of the way through my commission - happy days, and thank goodness as I'm out for a friend's leaving do next Friday night! I really want to get the website up and running and try to get some more sales. Can anyone offer advice on the legal tax aspect of getting into this? Obviously I won't be selling many pieces, it will just be  a minor side project! Any help welcome :)

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, September 1

All things new :)

It's September the 1st? Already?

Spent the day up in Dereham today preparing for the handover of contracts in my job - it's all change as of Monday (Exciting! Different! Scary? A little...) Also got to take the company Mondeo out for a drive - I should point out that I have a stupid thing about not driving big cars in case I scrape/bump/mark them in any way. The Mondeo is an estate car. Scary! But oh so fun when used to driving a small 1.4 Clio :)

So, the new website design is coming along swimmingly - no sneaky peeks yet though, but I think you'll be impressed :) and also on that note, dear sister who is taking my photos (hopefully very soon... Yes, as a beloved sister I'm left waiting!) has made her own portfolio website, which you can view here. There's some impressive stuff!

I'm also about to start my next commission, a choker to match the anklet, only this time with firepolish instead of swarovski, which I received today and are a perfect (and lush!) match. Duly noted that I have found a fab new supplier in Sheffield where I can get very reasonably priced, very lovely beadies from - Jencel - hop on over and take a peek. I was very impressed!

Ooh, and check out my bargain buy for the day from a fellow bead buddy Claire - 4 lovely display stands :) just as I was wondering what I was going to display my pieces on for that fair in October... Thanks Claire!!

Happy crafting

Sunday, August 29

And to join the new website...

A fresh blog layout, courtesy of Blogger templates - thanks guys!

Still chasing up those new photos (that's what you get for asking a favour of a younger sister...) but here are some temporary pictures of my latest creation, a patchwork beaded bracelet - still deciding whether I like it or not but it is slowly growing on me. What do you think?

It's something different, a bit random and totally how I feel at the moment - all over the place! Mum has already tried to steal it, so I've no guarantee that I'll get it back after it goes for its photograph!

Coming next... An exciting charity auction that any beady lovers just can't miss!!
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