Sunday, October 10

Mythical project alert!

DSCF3154.jpgFinally, the mojo appears to be making a return, and I think it must in part be down to Donna of Delicate Sparkles and her fantastic dragon bracelet. I came across a thread on Bead Buddies wanting the pattern testing and thought I would be too late, but hurrah for bead buddies and hurrah for this fab project :) It's the first set of instructions that I've worked from that is entirely words, but I'm 3/4 of the way through the body and think I have everything I need except for some 11mm bugles which I couldn't find anywhere at the bead shop! Wings will have to wait then...

You can take a look at the thread here and see all of the other little dragon critters the buddies have created so far. I just loved them all, especially Bernie (who you can see in traditional dragon colours on page 5!)

In other news, my friend has called today to tell me my car has been sold, and it will be collected tomorrow - sad times! But she sure does look smart with her new paint job - no more white bonnet for Milly it's all red all the time from here on out!

Must get back to the dragon - pics to follow soon :) Ooh and don't get too excited just yet, but once I reach 50 followers... I feel a giveaway would be a lovely idea - yay for beady friends!

Happy crafting

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