Sunday, February 27

All tangled up

Hi again everyone! No beading to show this time I'm afraid, but there will be another pretty piece to come hopefully by the end of the week. I've got Friday and next Monday off for a long weekend, and boy am I looking forward to it.

In the meantime, I have given Zentangle a go, as I figured having mentioned it a few months ago, it would be a shame not to follow my interest up. This title to the left was my first attempt last night, swiftly followed by another pattern (I've actually started a new A5 sketch book to do these in, so I'm hoping I'll really get into them and enjoy doing them) So far, so good - they are a little bit addictive. Now, these tangles are hand drawn by me, but I've scanned them and sharpened them on photoshop for your benefit as the ink on my thinner pen wasn't as black as it looked on my page!
To be honest, for a first go, I am pretty pleased. What do you think? Don't blow them up too big as that's when the flaws on the sharpening show unfortunately - but they look alright at this size! On a slightly different tangent, I did try adding some colour whilst I had them in photoshop, would you like a peek? Tell me what you think as I'm not sure yet:
Hmm... Still deciding... I do like the originals though. Anyway, stay tuned as I've got a necklace in the making and I've been experimenting with cabochons as I've been meaning to for so so long.

Saturday, February 12

Back on the network

It's Saturday afternoon and I've got some 'me' time whilst DH is playing football. I've been wanting to see Step Up 2 for so long, and it's on ITV2 so yay for me! I've just fixed my wireless network so that the PC, laptop and printer are all friends again, so now I am going to chill out.

I'm a little annoyed at myself at the moment though, I have lost my box of MOO cards, and it's really frustrating me as to where I've put them. If anyone sees them - let me know :)

I've been wanting for a while to experiment more with some of the geometric shapes, and finally got around to having a little go at making a triangle cushion which as you can see has become a ring. It works up pretty quickly which is good, I may have to get some delicas to make one properly.

Speak to you all later

Wednesday, February 9

Hey everyone, I know I've not been around much on here but I've been keeping up with all of your blogs. In the meantime whilst I've been away I've been knuckling down and making this necklace from Beadwork! Goodness knows how long it took me, but it's been one of my favourite projects so far.

I've been absolutely shattered recently, but in March I'll be working four 4-day weeks thanks to the 4 days holiday I have to take before the end of March - that'll be a treat.

Soo... In other news, I've got a bunch more beads in my collection now so I *really* need to get on using them up.

What plans have you all got for Valentine's?

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