Wednesday, March 31

Success! Little Treats loves RINGS

I just can't believe it, I'll be starting a brand new chapter very soon. I went for an interview at 4pm today, and received a phone call at 5.20pm - I got the job! I can't believe I've managed to land myself a permanent job, it's just fantastic and it hasn't quite sunk in yet. Tomorrow night we hit Norwich for a leaving party for several of our engineers, and now it's going to be my leaving do too. It's gonna be brilliant!

So we had Chinese to celebrate, but I really want to get a new ring, so tonights LittleTreats loves is going to be funky rings that I want to buy! Apologies it's not in the normal format but as I'm at my parents, I have no photoshop to funk it up.

1. Daisy Ring - BellaRoba
 2. Emotion Ring - Cherryloco
 3. Funky pink flower ring - Same Same But Different
4. Amethyst Flower Ring - Lilypickle
5. Swarovski Crystal Ring - Skye Creations
6. Silver Flower Ring - Iwsilver
I'm most excited that on Friday I can spend some time taking some photographs of my necklaces, and perhaps even bracelets on my new velveteen bust - hurrah for fun times. In the meantime, with not enough money to treat myself to one of these beauties, I may look into getting some beadalon wire to play with instead...

Happy crafting!

Monday, March 29


Well I've just settled in for my first night at my parents house, as my mother and sister are away for the next fortnight and it's been lovely. The cats are affectionate and my little Baby cat is adorable as ever. I'm sure she remembers I'm her mummy! Oh, still getting used to using a laptop instead of desktop though... Might take a few days. Photos soon.

I did get excitable today, and ordered myself a velveteen necklace display stand so I can take better photographs of my jewellery - not bad value actually take a look if you haven't looked on it before. On the other hand, if anyone knows of better places to get boxes from please let me know, if not I will probably get a few from them! I should keep making them really though...

There are a couple of nice projects in this months Make Jewellery, I keep wondering whether to subscribe. The only thing is, I can subscribe to Bead magazine for significantly less and it might be more affordable at the moment. On the bright side, my job prospects have increased slightly and I have an interview on Wednesday afternoon - wish me luck!

Happy crafting!

Thursday, March 25

Useful links

It's always useful for me to be able to bookmark sites and blogs that may be helpful to read back over when I do start to sell my jewellery, and today I thought I'd share Beading Arts blog entry on jewellery business tips. Also, there are lots of entries that involve beading with seed beads which I am loving! I want to try and find some more UK based forums, as currently I only really know of Folksy but I'd be interested to learn more about the legal terms of starting my own home business... Even if it's just a pipeline dream at the moment!

I have started the predicted collecting of beading books, and I feel bad because though I leaf through them regularly, I still have as yet to make serious use of them! Oops :o) But on the opposite side of things, my project book is slowly filling up, and it's lovely to know that I've used every pattern that's stuck in it. Pukka Project books are great.

I've started getting to a point that I have various pieces of jewellery I've made laying around my flat, and I'm running out of empty worktops to lay them on. How do you store your finished pieces? I've found a pretty cool way of storing and displaying my jewellery, a jewellery and accessory hanger, but alas I don't have a door on which I could put it at the moment... For the future perhaps?

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, March 24

Littletreats loves... The Little Shop of Sparkles

Ok guys, so I was browsing Folksy for some theme inspiration and came across The Little Shop of Sparkles, in particular these beautiful Swarovski heart earrings. They're so simple but so lovely and I imagine they must look stunning when they catch the light.

Now, looking through the shop it's great for me to see matching sets - I really should start creating matching items when I make my jewellery. I particularly like the copper twist earrings, necklace and bracelet. Isn't it lovely to have matching sets?! So that's something for me to focus on when creating!

I hope you are all having a good week - Happy crafting!

Tuesday, March 23

10 weeks to go

Oh dear, I've been very bad in keeping up to date with the blogosphere just recently - I've just spent nearly an hour reading through all of your updates! I can't even begin to tell you how stressed I've been some days this last week, it's been horrendous. All I can say is that now it's getting sorted and aside from job issues, all is fine with the wedding (10.5 weeks away and counting) and the dieting (perhaps not SO fine with the dieting... KFC and wine anyone?)

You may be excited to hear that I have finally gotten around to finishing off my Garden Necklace and am going to be wearing it into work with great sparkly pleasure and pride. I'm getting more comfortable with knotting new thread on to existing which is a milestone for me, but it's for that reason I'll definitely have to keep this necklace all for myself - I'm not so confident with the first two attachments of thread and I can't have it breaking whilst a friend is wearing it! Oh well, one more pretty piece of jewellery that has fallen into my mitts :o)

This week feels so long already and I can't believe it's only Tuesday night! I really want to get back onto the netting necklace we started on Saturday but I'm enjoying procrastinating over what to do until Jim comes back from football. Seems it's the first time in many days that I've been able to just sit, and I'm making the most of it! Well I will post pictures of the netting necklace when it comes a bit further along, it is of course in purple and so far looks lovely.

Ann Summers parties are great fun - I went to my friend's party last night and it was such a fantastic girls night in that I've booked myself one to have the day before my official hen night. Bring on the buzz!

I will be back tomorrow (hopefully!) for LittleTreats loves... probably early as we are having a night in watching movies and drinking wine, which sounds so pleasant and I just can't wait.

In the meantime, happy crafting!

Wednesday, March 17

LittleTreats loves... Murano

It's a quick one this week! I've finally just finished my garden necklace, just the clasp to add and it's all done.

Here are my picks for this week, murano glass was my selection.

1. Swarovski & Murano necklace - My Beady Eye  2. Celestian Venetian Murano Earrings - leeski  3. Amethyst Gold Murano Earrings - CeeGee Jewellery Design

Looking forward to tomorrow, going out to start brain-storming for my hen night after the gym! Hurrah :) fingers crossed it will all be good and we can come up with something lush. Must order myself a gold clasp tomorrow...

Happy crafting!

Saturday, March 13

Mothers day handmade...

Mother's day tomorrow! I'm all organised although I must admit that cards have been missed from the equation, perhaps that needs to be tended to in the morning. I've made bracelets and the boxes that they'll be given in - I feel really quite accomplished this week. Not to mention that I now have 3 works in progress, my two latest pictured below.

I do love swarovski bicones. They always sparkle so beautifully, and my garden necklace (pattern by Deborah Roberti) is no exception - after all it is entirely made of swarovski's and gold seed beads. Lush. 

On a more personal note, I came home after a long day on Friday and my lovely fiancée had made a pie:

It was a nice touch I must say :-)

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, March 10

LittleTreats loves... Time!

Could it really be Wednesday again already? I can't believe how fast time is going by at the moment. There's so much I need to do! Anyway, I have been a bit busy when free of jury service, Mothers day is looming on the horizon and I've been tasked with making a bracelet for my own and my mother in law - boxes and all :) I've got my mum's bracelet and box made, just got to wait for the clasp to arrive tomorrow (I don't work in gold much, so I've ordered in a one-off gold clasp) along with my mother in laws pearls that I need. I don't have a photo of the box but I'm pretty pleased with it. I used the basic pattern given by clairenobledesign on Folksy for gift boxes and have adjusted it as necessary to make a square but flatter box. Lush.

This was the fruits of Saturday morning's labour this week - I'm appalled it's taken me this long to show you all! The necklace isn't finished yet but it sure is on it's way. I was feeling a little risqué this week, for my troubles, and the girls were quick to tag it Burlesque! I like it though. On one other creative note, one of my first posts showed the many beads I got for Christmas and I'm finally going to show you my adorable piggy earrings. 
My good friend thought it amusing that I'd worn them on jury service this week ;)  

So without further ado, here are my picks for this week, on the theme of 'time' as I have so little of it at the moment!

1. In Love's Own Time Steampunk Pendant - LondonFogg  2. Penelope's Tea Time - Tangerinie & Purple Hippos  3. Half Time, Wooden Round Pocket Watch Pendant Necklace - comedaygoday  4. Bracelet, Tick Tock - MyBeadyEye  5. Butterfly Effect Pendant - LondonFogg (yep, I like alot!)  6. Vinyl Record 7" Clock - BeetleJuice

Happy crafting!

Thursday, March 4

Christine Damm's Bracelet

Now, I've not been a part of the crafting community for any great length of time, but it doesn't take much to feel like a part of it, and get involved. I wish I had some experience of creating charms or beads or anything of the sort because I've been linked to one such blog that demonstrates how everyone bands together. Thanks to Sharon's Jewelry Garden blog, I would like to share a link to Christine Damm's blog.

Christine's sister-in-law Vila was diagnosed with leukaemia a year ago and is currently facing chemotherapy to gain remission status. Christine is calling all crafters to create just one charm to send on to her, to create a one-off, energy collecting, full-of-love bracelet to remind Vila that she is always loved and thought of, and to help her through the tough times ahead. Please go to Christine's blog post here and find out the details and partake in this wonderful random act of kindness. Christine is even offering up 3 prizes in a way of thanks, including these rather delicious metro earrings.

Wednesday, March 3

LittleTreats loves... Monochrome

Good evening one and all, here are my picks for tonight
1. Ikat Millefiori Cat Quernus Crafts  2. Alice in Wonderland necklace Niche Handmade  3. White Flowers on Black bracelet Sorcery & Sparkle  4. Black satin hair bows Talulahblue  5. Black lace boudoir resin picture frame PennyDog Jewellery  6. Nora Evening Bag Clutch one off Les Sacs Magique

I'm loving these pieces, and I think I could be developing a bag fetish as well as my ever-growing bead fetish! Oh dear, perhaps I'd better apologise to my bank account in advance... 

This theme brings me neatly onto Zentangles. Have you seen any? They're amazing! Here are a couple of Maria's pieces just to whet your appetite, you can view more of her pieces and others here
Maria and Rick developed this art movement, seeking to help people find a state of relaxation, almost meditation. They say that anybody can use Zentangle to create a beautiful and elegant piece of art, line by line. If you're interested they offer a Zentangle starter kit for $49.00 on their site, linked above. I can't help but be fascinated by how these pieces come together, and especially at the fact that you're not allowed to erase anything - eek!

Happy crafting!


I just thought I would share with you the cuteness that is my new tote bag. The perfect size to bring with me to jury service and show off to everyone hehe. As you can see it's all ready to go with my book and such all put in. I think you'll agree that it's just adorable :)

Sorry for the random post but I just had to share :)

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, March 2

In the midst of beading

Just a quick update; I've been very busy trying to get some work done as I'm out of the office on jury service for the next 2 weeks (at least!) but I thought I'd just put my beading down for 2 weensy minutes to update you all.

Beading class was lovely on Saturday and it was a simple but very elegant pattern that we used. I even managed to finish my bracelet just within the two hours! There's a first for everything. This is what I made on the day and since (purple on Saturday, and I had the perfect number of light sapphire Swarovski bicones vying for my attention on Sunday night).
What do you think? I've already had my mum trying to steal the purple one - her exact words "but I don't have a purple bracelet" and big pout. Just as well Mother's Day is approaching then mum! I need to order some amethyst Swarovski's - they sparkle so beautifully. 

Speaking of Swarovski's, I have ordered some for a necklace project for this weekend should I find myself any time. The wedding is now 3 months away and I find myself realising that I haven't even completely finalised the guest list yet! Not to mention I need to decide on my hairstyle and jewellery, and gifts for those involved... So much to think about and I'm very quickly running out of weekends to do things. I have still as yet to arrange any form of hen night, must get hold of Joe to do that. 

Well, I'll be back tomorrow evening (probably later as I really need to hit the gym after jury service) for LittleTreats Loves...

Happy beading!
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