Monday, March 29


Well I've just settled in for my first night at my parents house, as my mother and sister are away for the next fortnight and it's been lovely. The cats are affectionate and my little Baby cat is adorable as ever. I'm sure she remembers I'm her mummy! Oh, still getting used to using a laptop instead of desktop though... Might take a few days. Photos soon.

I did get excitable today, and ordered myself a velveteen necklace display stand so I can take better photographs of my jewellery - not bad value actually take a look if you haven't looked on it before. On the other hand, if anyone knows of better places to get boxes from please let me know, if not I will probably get a few from them! I should keep making them really though...

There are a couple of nice projects in this months Make Jewellery, I keep wondering whether to subscribe. The only thing is, I can subscribe to Bead magazine for significantly less and it might be more affordable at the moment. On the bright side, my job prospects have increased slightly and I have an interview on Wednesday afternoon - wish me luck!

Happy crafting!

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