Sunday, October 31

Hurrah! And Boo at the same time

Finally, I have gotten around to finishing a piece! Although, I say finish and what I really mean is - what on earth am I going to do with it? Pendant, brooch, basis for a beadwoven necklace? I just don't know, so chances are it will sit on my desk for a while looking flowery and a bit Christmassy... Perhaps a tree decoration? The options are endless.

On a slightly poo-ier note, my car broke this week :( my second car and the second clutch to have failed, I think I have a penchant for broken clutches... Only on my last car it was merely a snapped cable (a meagre £20 to fix). This time, unfortunately, it's a bit more sinister for my little car and requires a whole new clutch... Now we're talking hundreds and I've only bought it a month ago! Poo! Poo! Poo! The things we do for our motors. But I do love her, so I will get her made better, and hopefully with new brake pads and glow plugs she will be happier than ever. I hope.

Car talk over :) I've stuck myself a snowflake obsidian cabochon onto my first piece of prepared Lacey's Stiff Stuff, and will be getting ready to start my first piece of experimental bead embroidery. I'm still deciding on the colour scheme but I figure I'll just make it up as I go along. As it's my first piece, it's more an experiment on how to use the various techniques... I am certainly not promising you all a masterpiece! In the meantime, have a look at Sherry Serafini's stunning work - if that doesn't inspire you, I just don't know what will. Click the image below to go to her site:

Happy crafting

Tuesday, October 19


Last night I took a little return trip to where this jewellery making adventure started - simple wire work! This adorable handbag charm was the outcome. Think I'll be making a couple more for the craft fair on Saturday... Which I am panicking about because it's my first one and I have no business cards/flyers/posters or anything!!

Any tips - greatly appreciated

I've recently been taken in by the beautiful bead embroidery pieces by  Sherry Serafini, and have just purchased my first aluminium cuffs with my first sheet of lacey's stiff stuff and ultrasuede - how exciting! To go with these buys, I have treated myself to two new books to get me started :) All that I need to do now is get some cabochons ordered... Oops. Well out comes the sketch book, it's time to get some ideas about what I'm going to do with this new found beautiful way of beading.

Thursday, October 14

Puff the beaded dragon

...Say hello to Puff the beaded dragon (as named by DH... and then sing the song!)

I've had alot of fun making this bracelet, isn't it so sweet? Big thanks to Donna for a fantastic tutorial, all that's left is for me to source some 11mm bugles to make some wings - or maybe I will leave her without for a while? I'm not sure... I think I'll order the beads, make up the wings and see how it looks with them! 

Have you entered the giveaway yet? If not, get a move on!

Happy crafting

Tuesday, October 12

Fab giveaway

Visit Love My Art Jewelry for a fab prize opportunity! Just click on the image to the left. Don't try too hard though, I want these little babies :)

The dragon is coming along, the body is now complete and he will have a head very soon. I'm so excited :D

Happy crafting

Sunday, October 10

Mythical project alert!

DSCF3154.jpgFinally, the mojo appears to be making a return, and I think it must in part be down to Donna of Delicate Sparkles and her fantastic dragon bracelet. I came across a thread on Bead Buddies wanting the pattern testing and thought I would be too late, but hurrah for bead buddies and hurrah for this fab project :) It's the first set of instructions that I've worked from that is entirely words, but I'm 3/4 of the way through the body and think I have everything I need except for some 11mm bugles which I couldn't find anywhere at the bead shop! Wings will have to wait then...

You can take a look at the thread here and see all of the other little dragon critters the buddies have created so far. I just loved them all, especially Bernie (who you can see in traditional dragon colours on page 5!)

In other news, my friend has called today to tell me my car has been sold, and it will be collected tomorrow - sad times! But she sure does look smart with her new paint job - no more white bonnet for Milly it's all red all the time from here on out!

Must get back to the dragon - pics to follow soon :) Ooh and don't get too excited just yet, but once I reach 50 followers... I feel a giveaway would be a lovely idea - yay for beady friends!

Happy crafting

Monday, October 4

A little treat for Littletreats

Well I've had a bit of a spendathon today, I desperately needed a new wardrobe and have spent probably far too much on not enough but it sure has been nice :)

Included in the spending spree is this adorable bag by Jentwinkle which I will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of.

Not so good on the beading front, sorry all - it's all the worse as I'm supposed to be making pieces to take to the craft fair in a matter of weeks, and I just can't find my creative mojo! I'm in need of getting some bookmarks and phone charm dangles to pretty up and bulk out the stock I think... Pinks and purples? I think so... I'm in a pinky purpley mood.

Saw the photos my sister has been working on today, they're looking good - I just hope the weather clears up for a day so she can finish them as I really would like my jewellery back sometime SOON!!

Happy crafting

Sunday, October 3

Birthday weekend over, just a birthday lunch, a birthday meal and a night out and then my 21st is all done! Had a fab weekend at Alton Towers, except it absolutely hammered it down on Friday; Saturday was lovely though and spent the morning in the waterpark before the long drive home in the - you guessed it - pouring rain. Trying to upload a photo but my pc is so unbelievably rubbish at the moment I can't even upload a 148kb image! What a load of poo... EDIT: yay got it!

Anyway, bead-wise I am half way through the base of an embellished cuff, and am fast running out of beads... Looks like a trip to the bead shop will be in order, but when?! I have a simple RAW necklace to finish, which I really want to complete by Saturday's class, and then I'll be choosing what colour embellishments I'm using.
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