Monday, October 4

A little treat for Littletreats

Well I've had a bit of a spendathon today, I desperately needed a new wardrobe and have spent probably far too much on not enough but it sure has been nice :)

Included in the spending spree is this adorable bag by Jentwinkle which I will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of.

Not so good on the beading front, sorry all - it's all the worse as I'm supposed to be making pieces to take to the craft fair in a matter of weeks, and I just can't find my creative mojo! I'm in need of getting some bookmarks and phone charm dangles to pretty up and bulk out the stock I think... Pinks and purples? I think so... I'm in a pinky purpley mood.

Saw the photos my sister has been working on today, they're looking good - I just hope the weather clears up for a day so she can finish them as I really would like my jewellery back sometime SOON!!

Happy crafting

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