Tuesday, September 14

Bid for Beads!

Hey everyone!

On a cheerier note, the exclusive Bead Buddies Beaded Bead necklace is up for auction NOW! Bid here and make a difference - all proceeds are going to Macmillan Cancer (not profits, every single penny!) so please do bid generously!

There are many hours of work and thousands of beads involved in the making of this, but if you pop over to the auction full details are there :)

Happy bidding!

Monday, September 13

On a personal note....

I know this is a blog about my beading, but I'm beginning to feel that this is as much a part of it as not. I'm suffering a huge creative block at the moment and, whether it's to do with the lack of creativity or what, I just don't know what is causing me to feel how I do at the moment.

It doesn't really make a lot of sense that I'm feeling this way at the moment, I've just got married to the most amazing man I could ask for, who I love unconditionally; I've had a gorgeous honeymoon, I am settled into my new job, and I'm being treated to a weekend away in just a few weeks time for my birthday. Oh, and I have found the Car. My life is pretty darn good at the moment. I just wish I knew why I am feeling this withdrawn from it all.

I was going to do a lot tonight whilst DB was at darts but instead what have I done? I've sorted out a single load of washing, watched Ugly Betty on 4OD and eaten spaghetti. Perhaps it's the change of the season, as Winter draws in and it gets darker earlier and earlier. It might be because despite having found 'the car', it now means I have to part with my friend Milly the Clio who I will miss, as much as I shout at her sometimes. But missing a car? It just sounds ridiculous. I just can't escape the fact that there's something that's just eating away at me at the moment and I'd really quite like to just be cheerful again.

Sorry for the pointless rambling post guys, way off topic I know, just had to get this out into words somewhere...

Happy crafting to you all, and fingers crossed I'll be back on it again soon too

Thursday, September 9

Love Admiral

Managed to get my insurance brought forward at the same price by 9 days :) Hurrah!

Beading has unfortunately taken a back seat these last two weeks, but I am happy to say I'll be back at the Bead Shop on Saturday morning (even if I will be leaving 15 minutes early so I can go and collect my new car!) :)
I have managed to finish my second commission piece though, minus the lobster clasp, so pictures soon.

Note to self: next time asking sister a favour, don't expect it to be done when advised - times it by at least 10! Still not got those photos of my pieces for the website, may have to get a bit snap happy myself this weekend.

Ooh, I did make some cute piggy earrings last night though! Swarovski crystals, pink pearls and adorable lampwork pigs on sterling silver earhooks.

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, September 8

LittleTreats BUYS...

A VW Golf! At last! I'm so ecstatic, although aside from collecting it on Saturday, I won't be driving it until the end of the month. But it's ours, deposit paid!

So in celebration, here are all things motor-y :) take a look
Large image

VW Camper Cushion by Blue Stripes - might have to get one for the new car :P

Large image

VW Camper Wine Glass by Rose Petal - I LOVE this, and, because they are hand painted, they can be made 100% personalised! 

Large imageFramed VW Badge by Framedup - to remind you how much you love your Dubber, or just in case a little ratbag steals yours? ;)

Large imageSilver cufflinks featuring vintage die cast micro machine cars by O'blue - These were too cute not to feature (I love miniatures, they always look so cute!)

Large imageF1 racing fan meerkat by Niftyknits - and where would we be without a driving fan meerkat? Adorable, and all meerkats are hand-knitted with their own little personality :)

Happy crafting!

Sunday, September 5

Whirlwind weekend

This weekend's been a quick one! Car hunting, commission making, mazda driving and website re-launching... Be sure to visit the new look website and tell me what you think!

Proper update to follow tomorrow, and hopefully another finished piece to show you all :)

Happy crafting!

Friday, September 3

Car hunting...

It's taking a while, but tomorrow I'll be going out to have a look at another VW Golf - fingers crossed! I took a spin out in the parents new Mazda MX-5 yesterday, Miyako is a pretty little thing!

Unfortunately there's still been a lack of progress on the photo front - little sis has discovered the joys of the real world and WORKING! I, on the other hand, am very much looking forward to the end of the month when Jim's taking me out to Alton Towers for the weekend for my birthday :)

I'm a third of the way through my commission - happy days, and thank goodness as I'm out for a friend's leaving do next Friday night! I really want to get the website up and running and try to get some more sales. Can anyone offer advice on the legal tax aspect of getting into this? Obviously I won't be selling many pieces, it will just be  a minor side project! Any help welcome :)

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, September 1

All things new :)

It's September the 1st? Already?

Spent the day up in Dereham today preparing for the handover of contracts in my job - it's all change as of Monday (Exciting! Different! Scary? A little...) Also got to take the company Mondeo out for a drive - I should point out that I have a stupid thing about not driving big cars in case I scrape/bump/mark them in any way. The Mondeo is an estate car. Scary! But oh so fun when used to driving a small 1.4 Clio :)

So, the new website design is coming along swimmingly - no sneaky peeks yet though, but I think you'll be impressed :) and also on that note, dear sister who is taking my photos (hopefully very soon... Yes, as a beloved sister I'm left waiting!) has made her own portfolio website, which you can view here. There's some impressive stuff!

I'm also about to start my next commission, a choker to match the anklet, only this time with firepolish instead of swarovski, which I received today and are a perfect (and lush!) match. Duly noted that I have found a fab new supplier in Sheffield where I can get very reasonably priced, very lovely beadies from - Jencel - hop on over and take a peek. I was very impressed!

Ooh, and check out my bargain buy for the day from a fellow bead buddy Claire - 4 lovely display stands :) just as I was wondering what I was going to display my pieces on for that fair in October... Thanks Claire!!

Happy crafting
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