Wednesday, September 1

All things new :)

It's September the 1st? Already?

Spent the day up in Dereham today preparing for the handover of contracts in my job - it's all change as of Monday (Exciting! Different! Scary? A little...) Also got to take the company Mondeo out for a drive - I should point out that I have a stupid thing about not driving big cars in case I scrape/bump/mark them in any way. The Mondeo is an estate car. Scary! But oh so fun when used to driving a small 1.4 Clio :)

So, the new website design is coming along swimmingly - no sneaky peeks yet though, but I think you'll be impressed :) and also on that note, dear sister who is taking my photos (hopefully very soon... Yes, as a beloved sister I'm left waiting!) has made her own portfolio website, which you can view here. There's some impressive stuff!

I'm also about to start my next commission, a choker to match the anklet, only this time with firepolish instead of swarovski, which I received today and are a perfect (and lush!) match. Duly noted that I have found a fab new supplier in Sheffield where I can get very reasonably priced, very lovely beadies from - Jencel - hop on over and take a peek. I was very impressed!

Ooh, and check out my bargain buy for the day from a fellow bead buddy Claire - 4 lovely display stands :) just as I was wondering what I was going to display my pieces on for that fair in October... Thanks Claire!!

Happy crafting

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