Monday, April 26

New bracelet

Morning all,

As promised, here are a couple of photos of my latest bracelet, made at my beading class on Saturday :o) I had to wrestle it back from mum to take these though!!

Happy crafting :)

Sunday, April 25

Baby pinks

I had a really good day yesterday...I thought I was never going to make it back in to Ipswich in time to catch up with the girls at my beading class but guess what, I did, and not only that but I made my mum a baby pink bracelet that she'd asked for only the night before - now there's service! Pictures to follow shortly :o)

So anyway, I went on a happy little jaunt up the A14 to drop Jim off and came across a lorry that had tipped onto it's side, adding 20 minutes onto my return journey - not so cool, but it was one of those things that everyone stops and looks at whilst driving along at 2mph... Also not cool. So then I had to take a different route back into town because they're doing work on the A14 and my regular slip road was closed. Thankfully I arrived only 10 minutes late and the girls had only just got their beads and bits together so I didn't miss anything :o)

Isn't it lovely when you have the first bbq of the summer? We had one yesterday at our friends' new house, and boy did it make me want to get out of here - I want to get saving on a serious note and get me a beautiful house like that one. Just as well I have a new, better, permanent job then hehe. On that note, you'll be pleased to know that so far it's going well at my new place, and fingers crossed by the end of this week I'll be ready to take it on solo - I have to take it all on either way, so that might be nice! Everyone's really nice though and I think I'll get any help that I need so yippee. 

In jewellery land, I currently have three outstanding projects which I really want to get done, so hopefully I can show you those very soon. First on my list is my spring necklace which I really hope I have enough bead-age for, and then a net necklace which I started several weeks ago (slap my wrist!) and one other necklace for which I may have to wing it because I'm not sure I still have the pattern... Ermm... Teehee.

I hope you all are well, and crafting merrily away

Saturday, April 17

Blimey! Whirlwind week

Well hello there - a long time I know! Good news though, my first week at my new job went well. Just got to hope I can handle the pressure on my own after the next two weeks when my trainer leaves :S

Me and Jim went shopping today, a big fun shopping spree at Freeport in Braintree, and it was fantabulous. I even had enough money left over to treat myself to a new amber ring - photos to follow as I'm most excited about it. I do need to see if the lovely people at the Bead Shop can make the band slightly bigger so that I can wear it on my middle finger, as all of my rings seem to fit my second finger (ring finger) which doesn't really help :P

Sooz kindly posted a very useful chart relating to bead sizes on beading buddies, which I will share here - as much for my future reference as anybody else's:

size        mm diameter          beads per inch
6/0             3.3                          10
8/0             2.5                          13
9/0             2.2                          15
10/0            2.0                          16
11/0            1.8                          20
13/0            1.5                          27
14/0            1.4                          24
15/0            1.3                          25
delica          1.8                          20

I am always getting confused when one site kindly offers me the 11/0 sizing, but another offers its sizing in mm... Now all is solved :) I just need to get back on the beading now; this week has flown by in an absolute whirlwind with my new job and everything else going on - the wedding is less than 7 weeks away now. Plus I didn't even make it to my beading class this weekend as we made a last minute decision to do our honeymoon clothes shopping today at Freeport, which was lovely and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with Jim. Babbling over, I will be back soon with new work I promise!

Happy crafting

Monday, April 12

Wish me luck

Now off for my first day at my new job, and I don't know why but I really am nervous! Eek! I will post tonight after badminton :o)

Sunday, April 11

Blog Overload!

I've just been reading lots and lots of blogs and subscribing - now I've not a clue how I will keep up with everyone's scribblings! Thanks though Joelleabelle for starting a blog sharing thread on Folksy, it's great to be able to see what everyone else does. I've started adding... I think I'm about half way through (once I start reading I can't stop :P) How do you all organise your subscribed blogs? I've no idea how to work anything technical on Blogger - I've seen a few people mention Google Reader, but that confuses me too...

I took a few photos of my latest necklace today, back in the Zen garden. I'm particularly proud of this piece as it's not from any pattern, it's something that I decided to do at home, not anything that I started at one of my classes and then carried on with afterwards. Let me know what you think:

Having just put these photographs on here, I'm now wondering whether I should transfer all of my photos onto my Picasa account for ease of adding... Hmn, food for thought.

I'm now off to make spaghetti bolognese with the lush ingredients that came in my hamper - the girls know me so well and I'll miss them ALOT. Fingers crossed my new job and new colleagues are half as good and nice! I'll let you all know tomorrow night after badminton ;)

Happy crafting!

Saturday, April 10

Zen garden

You might have read about my new bust that I bought so I can take some b-e-a-utiful pictures of my work so far. Well, I finally got a chance to take those photos of some pieces, and where better than my dad's back garden, complete with Japanese rock pool? It had to be done! Without further ado, here they are:

It was really just more of an excuse to have a play with my sister's camera, and I even took some 'nature' photos but they're for another blog entry on another day. It was really nice being able to take macro close-ups and to be able to have such a gorgeous back drop to set my jewellery against is a huge bonus - thanks dad!

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, April 7

Little Treats gets into the chitter chatter

Hey everyone. Today I am loving fairytales, I feel like I'm in one at the moment with my wedding plans coming together. I love this resin Fairy Door by Gelert Designs, it's a little door into a magical world!

We met our photographers today and went through our essential shots and it couldn't have gone better, it was so much fun and really made it hit home just how soon the wedding is. Yesterday I had my hair put up trial, and couldn't hold my excitement in - it just looks so gorgeous when it's all up and I want to be able to have it like that every day :o)

I've just joined BeadBuddies forum and it looks like there are some fantastic characters to get to know, I look forward to new experimentations and meeting new friends. If you're not a part of the forum, whyever not? There's loads to be learned even from just a quick browse :o)

I will be putting up updated photographs soon once I finally get around to taking them on the bust. I did pick up  my memory card today so they will be coming tomorrow hopefully! I'll leave you with a very beautiful Fairytale Charm Bracelet by PebbleRox Jewellery. Happy crafting!

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