Saturday, April 17

Blimey! Whirlwind week

Well hello there - a long time I know! Good news though, my first week at my new job went well. Just got to hope I can handle the pressure on my own after the next two weeks when my trainer leaves :S

Me and Jim went shopping today, a big fun shopping spree at Freeport in Braintree, and it was fantabulous. I even had enough money left over to treat myself to a new amber ring - photos to follow as I'm most excited about it. I do need to see if the lovely people at the Bead Shop can make the band slightly bigger so that I can wear it on my middle finger, as all of my rings seem to fit my second finger (ring finger) which doesn't really help :P

Sooz kindly posted a very useful chart relating to bead sizes on beading buddies, which I will share here - as much for my future reference as anybody else's:

size        mm diameter          beads per inch
6/0             3.3                          10
8/0             2.5                          13
9/0             2.2                          15
10/0            2.0                          16
11/0            1.8                          20
13/0            1.5                          27
14/0            1.4                          24
15/0            1.3                          25
delica          1.8                          20

I am always getting confused when one site kindly offers me the 11/0 sizing, but another offers its sizing in mm... Now all is solved :) I just need to get back on the beading now; this week has flown by in an absolute whirlwind with my new job and everything else going on - the wedding is less than 7 weeks away now. Plus I didn't even make it to my beading class this weekend as we made a last minute decision to do our honeymoon clothes shopping today at Freeport, which was lovely and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with Jim. Babbling over, I will be back soon with new work I promise!

Happy crafting

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steufel said...

Glad to hear, that your first week was a good one. regards Stefanie

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