Sunday, April 11

Blog Overload!

I've just been reading lots and lots of blogs and subscribing - now I've not a clue how I will keep up with everyone's scribblings! Thanks though Joelleabelle for starting a blog sharing thread on Folksy, it's great to be able to see what everyone else does. I've started adding... I think I'm about half way through (once I start reading I can't stop :P) How do you all organise your subscribed blogs? I've no idea how to work anything technical on Blogger - I've seen a few people mention Google Reader, but that confuses me too...

I took a few photos of my latest necklace today, back in the Zen garden. I'm particularly proud of this piece as it's not from any pattern, it's something that I decided to do at home, not anything that I started at one of my classes and then carried on with afterwards. Let me know what you think:

Having just put these photographs on here, I'm now wondering whether I should transfer all of my photos onto my Picasa account for ease of adding... Hmn, food for thought.

I'm now off to make spaghetti bolognese with the lush ingredients that came in my hamper - the girls know me so well and I'll miss them ALOT. Fingers crossed my new job and new colleagues are half as good and nice! I'll let you all know tomorrow night after badminton ;)

Happy crafting!


trinket box said...

Gorgeous necklace!
It is quite difficult to follow all your blogs - I follow sooo many! I just try to check my list every day and slowly work myself through.

steufel said...

The necklace is great and I know the problem with to many blogs. But then again - there is so much eye-candy out there:-) regards Stefanie

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