Wednesday, April 7

Little Treats gets into the chitter chatter

Hey everyone. Today I am loving fairytales, I feel like I'm in one at the moment with my wedding plans coming together. I love this resin Fairy Door by Gelert Designs, it's a little door into a magical world!

We met our photographers today and went through our essential shots and it couldn't have gone better, it was so much fun and really made it hit home just how soon the wedding is. Yesterday I had my hair put up trial, and couldn't hold my excitement in - it just looks so gorgeous when it's all up and I want to be able to have it like that every day :o)

I've just joined BeadBuddies forum and it looks like there are some fantastic characters to get to know, I look forward to new experimentations and meeting new friends. If you're not a part of the forum, whyever not? There's loads to be learned even from just a quick browse :o)

I will be putting up updated photographs soon once I finally get around to taking them on the bust. I did pick up  my memory card today so they will be coming tomorrow hopefully! I'll leave you with a very beautiful Fairytale Charm Bracelet by PebbleRox Jewellery. Happy crafting!

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