Wednesday, March 31

Success! Little Treats loves RINGS

I just can't believe it, I'll be starting a brand new chapter very soon. I went for an interview at 4pm today, and received a phone call at 5.20pm - I got the job! I can't believe I've managed to land myself a permanent job, it's just fantastic and it hasn't quite sunk in yet. Tomorrow night we hit Norwich for a leaving party for several of our engineers, and now it's going to be my leaving do too. It's gonna be brilliant!

So we had Chinese to celebrate, but I really want to get a new ring, so tonights LittleTreats loves is going to be funky rings that I want to buy! Apologies it's not in the normal format but as I'm at my parents, I have no photoshop to funk it up.

1. Daisy Ring - BellaRoba
 2. Emotion Ring - Cherryloco
 3. Funky pink flower ring - Same Same But Different
4. Amethyst Flower Ring - Lilypickle
5. Swarovski Crystal Ring - Skye Creations
6. Silver Flower Ring - Iwsilver
I'm most excited that on Friday I can spend some time taking some photographs of my necklaces, and perhaps even bracelets on my new velveteen bust - hurrah for fun times. In the meantime, with not enough money to treat myself to one of these beauties, I may look into getting some beadalon wire to play with instead...

Happy crafting!

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