Thursday, March 25

Useful links

It's always useful for me to be able to bookmark sites and blogs that may be helpful to read back over when I do start to sell my jewellery, and today I thought I'd share Beading Arts blog entry on jewellery business tips. Also, there are lots of entries that involve beading with seed beads which I am loving! I want to try and find some more UK based forums, as currently I only really know of Folksy but I'd be interested to learn more about the legal terms of starting my own home business... Even if it's just a pipeline dream at the moment!

I have started the predicted collecting of beading books, and I feel bad because though I leaf through them regularly, I still have as yet to make serious use of them! Oops :o) But on the opposite side of things, my project book is slowly filling up, and it's lovely to know that I've used every pattern that's stuck in it. Pukka Project books are great.

I've started getting to a point that I have various pieces of jewellery I've made laying around my flat, and I'm running out of empty worktops to lay them on. How do you store your finished pieces? I've found a pretty cool way of storing and displaying my jewellery, a jewellery and accessory hanger, but alas I don't have a door on which I could put it at the moment... For the future perhaps?

Happy crafting!

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