Wednesday, March 10

LittleTreats loves... Time!

Could it really be Wednesday again already? I can't believe how fast time is going by at the moment. There's so much I need to do! Anyway, I have been a bit busy when free of jury service, Mothers day is looming on the horizon and I've been tasked with making a bracelet for my own and my mother in law - boxes and all :) I've got my mum's bracelet and box made, just got to wait for the clasp to arrive tomorrow (I don't work in gold much, so I've ordered in a one-off gold clasp) along with my mother in laws pearls that I need. I don't have a photo of the box but I'm pretty pleased with it. I used the basic pattern given by clairenobledesign on Folksy for gift boxes and have adjusted it as necessary to make a square but flatter box. Lush.

This was the fruits of Saturday morning's labour this week - I'm appalled it's taken me this long to show you all! The necklace isn't finished yet but it sure is on it's way. I was feeling a little risqué this week, for my troubles, and the girls were quick to tag it Burlesque! I like it though. On one other creative note, one of my first posts showed the many beads I got for Christmas and I'm finally going to show you my adorable piggy earrings. 
My good friend thought it amusing that I'd worn them on jury service this week ;)  

So without further ado, here are my picks for this week, on the theme of 'time' as I have so little of it at the moment!

1. In Love's Own Time Steampunk Pendant - LondonFogg  2. Penelope's Tea Time - Tangerinie & Purple Hippos  3. Half Time, Wooden Round Pocket Watch Pendant Necklace - comedaygoday  4. Bracelet, Tick Tock - MyBeadyEye  5. Butterfly Effect Pendant - LondonFogg (yep, I like alot!)  6. Vinyl Record 7" Clock - BeetleJuice

Happy crafting!

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