Tuesday, March 2

In the midst of beading

Just a quick update; I've been very busy trying to get some work done as I'm out of the office on jury service for the next 2 weeks (at least!) but I thought I'd just put my beading down for 2 weensy minutes to update you all.

Beading class was lovely on Saturday and it was a simple but very elegant pattern that we used. I even managed to finish my bracelet just within the two hours! There's a first for everything. This is what I made on the day and since (purple on Saturday, and I had the perfect number of light sapphire Swarovski bicones vying for my attention on Sunday night).
What do you think? I've already had my mum trying to steal the purple one - her exact words "but I don't have a purple bracelet" and big pout. Just as well Mother's Day is approaching then mum! I need to order some amethyst Swarovski's - they sparkle so beautifully. 

Speaking of Swarovski's, I have ordered some for a necklace project for this weekend should I find myself any time. The wedding is now 3 months away and I find myself realising that I haven't even completely finalised the guest list yet! Not to mention I need to decide on my hairstyle and jewellery, and gifts for those involved... So much to think about and I'm very quickly running out of weekends to do things. I have still as yet to arrange any form of hen night, must get hold of Joe to do that. 

Well, I'll be back tomorrow evening (probably later as I really need to hit the gym after jury service) for LittleTreats Loves...

Happy beading!

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