Thursday, March 4

Christine Damm's Bracelet

Now, I've not been a part of the crafting community for any great length of time, but it doesn't take much to feel like a part of it, and get involved. I wish I had some experience of creating charms or beads or anything of the sort because I've been linked to one such blog that demonstrates how everyone bands together. Thanks to Sharon's Jewelry Garden blog, I would like to share a link to Christine Damm's blog.

Christine's sister-in-law Vila was diagnosed with leukaemia a year ago and is currently facing chemotherapy to gain remission status. Christine is calling all crafters to create just one charm to send on to her, to create a one-off, energy collecting, full-of-love bracelet to remind Vila that she is always loved and thought of, and to help her through the tough times ahead. Please go to Christine's blog post here and find out the details and partake in this wonderful random act of kindness. Christine is even offering up 3 prizes in a way of thanks, including these rather delicious metro earrings.

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