Tuesday, March 23

10 weeks to go

Oh dear, I've been very bad in keeping up to date with the blogosphere just recently - I've just spent nearly an hour reading through all of your updates! I can't even begin to tell you how stressed I've been some days this last week, it's been horrendous. All I can say is that now it's getting sorted and aside from job issues, all is fine with the wedding (10.5 weeks away and counting) and the dieting (perhaps not SO fine with the dieting... KFC and wine anyone?)

You may be excited to hear that I have finally gotten around to finishing off my Garden Necklace and am going to be wearing it into work with great sparkly pleasure and pride. I'm getting more comfortable with knotting new thread on to existing which is a milestone for me, but it's for that reason I'll definitely have to keep this necklace all for myself - I'm not so confident with the first two attachments of thread and I can't have it breaking whilst a friend is wearing it! Oh well, one more pretty piece of jewellery that has fallen into my mitts :o)

This week feels so long already and I can't believe it's only Tuesday night! I really want to get back onto the netting necklace we started on Saturday but I'm enjoying procrastinating over what to do until Jim comes back from football. Seems it's the first time in many days that I've been able to just sit, and I'm making the most of it! Well I will post pictures of the netting necklace when it comes a bit further along, it is of course in purple and so far looks lovely.

Ann Summers parties are great fun - I went to my friend's party last night and it was such a fantastic girls night in that I've booked myself one to have the day before my official hen night. Bring on the buzz!

I will be back tomorrow (hopefully!) for LittleTreats loves... probably early as we are having a night in watching movies and drinking wine, which sounds so pleasant and I just can't wait.

In the meantime, happy crafting!

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