Wednesday, September 8

LittleTreats BUYS...

A VW Golf! At last! I'm so ecstatic, although aside from collecting it on Saturday, I won't be driving it until the end of the month. But it's ours, deposit paid!

So in celebration, here are all things motor-y :) take a look
Large image

VW Camper Cushion by Blue Stripes - might have to get one for the new car :P

Large image

VW Camper Wine Glass by Rose Petal - I LOVE this, and, because they are hand painted, they can be made 100% personalised! 

Large imageFramed VW Badge by Framedup - to remind you how much you love your Dubber, or just in case a little ratbag steals yours? ;)

Large imageSilver cufflinks featuring vintage die cast micro machine cars by O'blue - These were too cute not to feature (I love miniatures, they always look so cute!)

Large imageF1 racing fan meerkat by Niftyknits - and where would we be without a driving fan meerkat? Adorable, and all meerkats are hand-knitted with their own little personality :)

Happy crafting!

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