Tuesday, October 19


Last night I took a little return trip to where this jewellery making adventure started - simple wire work! This adorable handbag charm was the outcome. Think I'll be making a couple more for the craft fair on Saturday... Which I am panicking about because it's my first one and I have no business cards/flyers/posters or anything!!

Any tips - greatly appreciated

I've recently been taken in by the beautiful bead embroidery pieces by  Sherry Serafini, and have just purchased my first aluminium cuffs with my first sheet of lacey's stiff stuff and ultrasuede - how exciting! To go with these buys, I have treated myself to two new books to get me started :) All that I need to do now is get some cabochons ordered... Oops. Well out comes the sketch book, it's time to get some ideas about what I'm going to do with this new found beautiful way of beading.

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Rebecca said...

Hi Lou, I'm glad you're back blogging again - I see you have been for a while and I've just not visited! How was the wedding? Hope you have a really great time! And glad your mojo has come back. I think sometimes when we have so many (great) things forthcoming, once they are all over it can be a little overwhelming. We got married, started a new job/went back to a full time college course and moved house all within the space of a month and I spent a lot of 'blank' time in the evenings, just sitting on the sofa! You need to give yourself a chance to adjust to these things - and not planning for them anymore. But there you go, that's my tuppence! I'm so glad you've bought that AMAZING Sherry Serafini book - it's totally awesome and opened my eyes to bead embroidery which is now (and has been since I began!) my very favourite type of beadwork. Good luck! I can't wait to see how you get on! And good luck with that craft show.

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