Saturday, February 12

Back on the network

It's Saturday afternoon and I've got some 'me' time whilst DH is playing football. I've been wanting to see Step Up 2 for so long, and it's on ITV2 so yay for me! I've just fixed my wireless network so that the PC, laptop and printer are all friends again, so now I am going to chill out.

I'm a little annoyed at myself at the moment though, I have lost my box of MOO cards, and it's really frustrating me as to where I've put them. If anyone sees them - let me know :)

I've been wanting for a while to experiment more with some of the geometric shapes, and finally got around to having a little go at making a triangle cushion which as you can see has become a ring. It works up pretty quickly which is good, I may have to get some delicas to make one properly.

Speak to you all later


Nic :) said...

fabulous ring Laura!
Matches your amber one great as well!

Rebecca said...

Wow! That's amazing! I'm so impressed. I must get those seed beads out again...

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