Wednesday, February 9

Hey everyone, I know I've not been around much on here but I've been keeping up with all of your blogs. In the meantime whilst I've been away I've been knuckling down and making this necklace from Beadwork! Goodness knows how long it took me, but it's been one of my favourite projects so far.

I've been absolutely shattered recently, but in March I'll be working four 4-day weeks thanks to the 4 days holiday I have to take before the end of March - that'll be a treat.

Soo... In other news, I've got a bunch more beads in my collection now so I *really* need to get on using them up.

What plans have you all got for Valentine's?

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Dressedtothe9s said...

Hi Laura,
Nice to meet you. I absolutely love this gorgeous necklace it is stunning. Your post about blog awards caught my attention but then I started looking around. So much to look at!!
I'll be heading over to London this summer and looking forward to my visit.
Come by and pay me a visit in Canada on my blog.

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