Sunday, November 21

Folksy Festivities

I had the pleasure of meeting plainprimitives at a craft fair my mother in law was selling at on Saturday. I've been teetering on the edge of starting a Folksy shop for a matter of months now, and wasn't sure whether to take the plunge or not. On the promise that the tax side is not so hard, I finally took that plunge yesterday, and have listed my first item today. I'm all excited, I know it's not that much so far but I'm hoping to have a few more items to list very soon.

Also, I have taken new photographs of a chunk of my jewellery as you can see - courtesy of my mother's lovely hunk of quartz. My knees were so unbelievably stiff after an hour of shooting these pictures, but it was so worth it.

Secret Santa is coming on - Jim's out at darts tomorrow night so I hope to get a bit further with that too.

Thought I'd just share Saturday's project with you too :)

Happy crafting
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