Sunday, November 7


Bloggers! Does anyone else have ideas to post on the blog during the day/night, but by the time you come to the screen, ready to type away, you just don't know where to begin? I've suffered this alot recently, not only with blogging but my beading, which is not good at all!

I am underway with my cuff, just chasing inspiration now - I've just got Microsoft Office this week though, and discovered MS OneNote - for the win! I'll have a designated inspiration gathering space for any project I start now. For my first cuff, I'm going for a gunmetal/black/turquoise colour scheme with the snowflake obsidian cabochons. Watch this space.

I sat and photographed my jewellery before I went out to see some old friends last night. They seemed to come out OK, but having reviewed them on screen I'm a bit gutted. It looks like daylight is my only option - only problem is, we don't have a great supply here in our flat. This is going to have to be a mission to complete at dad's when the weather's not too grim - if only my sister had just got her butt in gear, I wouldn't have to be doing it in the first place! I've also decided that I'm still not happy with my website, but I just can't afford hosting with MrSite or anything like that, as little as it may be. I think in all seriousness, I'm in no position to have an online business yet, I've nowhere near enough stock (or time). Perhaps one day.

Over at Bead Buddies we are having a Secret Santa! Everyone taking part gets a mystery goody bag and we have to use only what is in the bag to make a gift for our partner. Of course we can add a clasp where necessary. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm nervous but excited. Partners are to be drawn later this week when the bags are sent out. I hope there are seedies in mine!

I've made a decision that between now and Christmas I am going to try and finish (or pick apart) all of my UFBO's (unfinished beady objects), so that I can make a fresh start in 2011. I came across one such piece whilst taking my photographs. Having put it on the bust, I actually like it asymmetrical and think I may take off the green beads and replace them with a couple of lengths of chain - what do you think? Obviously the bottom needs finishing too.

Blimey - from no inspiration to a long blog entry - thanks for the venting space blogosphere, and if you're still reading, thank you! I would love feedback from you guys on my website and that necklace.

Happy crafting

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Kristen said...

Oh my glad you got to vent! I am still having trouble with taking photos and I always have ideas for posts but at that time I am doing other things and forget about it later! So I heard you but I can't help :(

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