Wednesday, November 3

Christmas plannings

Well, I have just treated my DH to the new Bond game on the Wii - the limited edition one, with the golden controller. Yes, he's a big kid :)

He's promised me another beady goody bag for my stocking this year in return :D Much excitement - just got to figure out a few essentials and drop some hints now... If you're reading this Jim - stay tuned!

Our car is fixed. She starts better, she stops better, and best of all - there's a working clutch. Hoorah.

I have decided to put my beaded flower onto a length of brass/gold chain, but am still not quite happy with it, I think it needs something underneath it and I'm not sure how low it should hang either - time to experiment a little.

Onwards and upwards - happy crafting!


Rebecca said...

A beady stocking - now THAT's a great idea!! Maybe I should start dropping some hints too...!

Kristen said...

Beady goodie bags are AWESOME!

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