Thursday, December 30

Closing 2010

I am closing 2010 on a good and positive note, and starting as I mean to go on, and by that I mean this bracelet which was a UFBO until 2 days ago! I originally started this piece out intending to make it into a necklace, but as they are leftover beads from another bracelet I just wasn't going to have enough so have made it into another bracelet instead. Boy does Cellini Spiral take time to build up! All in all though, I'm really quite pleased, and can't wait to get my other UFBO's out.

In other news, I hope you have been following the fabulous Margie and Me competition hosted by Marcie and La Bella Joya - if not, CLICK HERE NOW and view the beautiful pieces that have been submitted, there are still a couple more days of voting. I've put my vote in, but it was very hard!

I have also treated myself to a couple of books having had a flick through them after my friend got them for Christmas - I've been watching them, umming and ahh-ing for a few months now! Can't wait :)

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Anonymous said...

I love that bangle and totally agree that Cellini spiral takes forever - I did a bangle before I even knew what it was called and it seemed to take forever.

Nice book purchases. I have them both too - adore the Diane Fitzgerald one - definitely going to make the necklace on the cover, but so far have only done one part of it :D:D

Lisa xoxo

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