Thursday, December 23

Christmas Eve, Eve!

We had our Secret Santa at work today. I got THE BEST present - a fantastic-ly awesome woolly bear hat and a box of Quality Street. Love my secret santa - honestly though, still not sure who it is, but I will be wearing this hat until my head just boils over :)

All Christmas wrapping is now finished, I had a last minute dash to Paperchase (swit-swoo!) to get a couple of boxes for the last bits, but now it's all done, and tomorrow we can bring on the festive cheer because Christmas starts on Christmas eve for me and DH.

Tomorrow we are off to see DH's mum and family, Saturday is my family and Sunday is DH's dad/auntie's etc - Woop for busy family holidays. Just hope everyone's as happy with their gifts as I am with my secret santa :D On another note, it also means only 2 days 'til I get to open my beady secret santa gift - EXCITED! All will be revealed on Christmas Day don't you worry :)

Just noticed I'm very 'on' the smiley faces tonight. To be honest, I'm quite looking forward to Christmas this year and it's brilliant. I'm afraid due to all of the excitement recently I've not made any new beady type things, but my friend did like the beaded ornament that I sneakily attached to her secret santa gift... It's our little secret! Ooh AND I got to use one of my new MOO business cards for it's intended purpose of being an earring card, it looks fab, even though I say so myself - will post a pic when it's been opened and you can let me know what you think (professionally speaking...)

Hope you're all having fun getting ready for Christmas!

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