Saturday, July 2

Ramblings of a Bead Buddy. Part 1

Here goes my month of being Bead Buddies Artist of the Month!

One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.
Iris Murdoc
As always bead buddies I am running a little late! Sorry about that   I had a lovely and satisfying realisation today whilst I was chatting to one of my engineers; in just two months time we will have saved enough money to start looking at really buying our own house! I got a little too excitable and have been looking at houses once again.

I have had a rather crazy couple of weeks. Whilst house sitting at my mother in law's, we lost one of the cats last weekend for nearly 3 days. In she walks at 9.30pm on the third night (I won't lie, I was in mild panic mode by now) - just like a teenager, "what, me? No, I've just been out for a stroll!" By this point I had contacted my brother in law to try and get a photo of said cat, and was half way through making posters to post through local letterboxes.
The girls texted me last Wednesday to ask if I wanted to do a craft fair with them. On Saturday. Our first one. We had a fab day, and although I didn't sell anything lots of cards were taken and we had such a laugh with some of the people who took an interest. Plus, it only cost me £3 to test the waters. Lovely. This did get me thinking though, that perhaps having handed out lots of cards, I really need to get my jewellery photographed properly to set up my Folksy shop properly... Watch this space, this is what I have come up with to help me try and get on top of that.

Hoping to try it out this weekend!

I'm also planning to do some more on my box, here's how it looks so far

This is how it should end up

I am loving it - I don't know about you seedy beaders out there but i find that there's something oddly satisfying about the 'click' of a delica snapping into it's place. Plus, it's so diddy and cute, I just want to make more!

I decided in my wisdom to type this on the iPad. In hindsight, I can't very easily review what I have written like I normally would, so fingers crossed for you all that this was a mildly interesting start to a hopefully interesting month 

I'll be back tomorrow with news of my beady endeavours as I always see Tracy and Sylvia on Saturday's and Tuesday's! More beaded box p*rn tomorrow xxx


Room Eleven said...

That box is amazing! I love it.

I find bead weaving very satisfying too. It's quite repetitive and there is something very soothing about that.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the cat came home! Nothing worse than pet sitting and losing the pet. LOL. Love the box!

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