Saturday, July 23

Last weeks!

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for

It was my sister in law's baby shower today - only a few weeks to go now! Amongst the games we played, I caught one on video which was using a cocktail stick in your mouth to hook little tiny dummies out of a bowl of rice... Me and my SIL tied with 5 each in 30 seconds. You can watch it if you click here. Funny Smiley My mother in law tried a new cupcake recipe for today's party, a lemon flavour and they were so scrummy! I even managed to bring a few home, though whether I'll get to eat any of them is another matter Wink

Every Saturday, I have to be up and out of bed to move the car as it's always either on a single yellow line or in a 1 hour parking space. Today, I went to visit my dad, and have a catch up. We spent an hour taking my passenger car door to pieces as the lock on it has been very temperamental all week, and now doesn't unlock remotely at all - even the inside door handle wouldn't open it on two occasions this week. The aim was to see if there was a loose connection on the solenoid, and having taken the door apart, with lots of screw types, we found that the solenoid is actually under aNOTHER panel which is riveted on. Perhaps that can wait for another day then... For now I will hope that it just unlocks from the inside, as the only solenoid replacements I have found are in excess of £40! Madness. May just have to pop in at the scrapyard some time. My dad has also said he will get the front wing re-sprayed for my birthday/Christmas present (I said when we got the car that I wanted to get it re-sprayed/replaced as it's the only bit of rust on the whole car, and it has now started to spread) - so I'm pretty chuffed. I love my car Smiley... Most of the time anyway. Once we were done with my car, we took my mum's Mazda out for a spin with the roof down - got to get the use whilst we can, right?! We took a little drive out to the countryside and into a local farm to get some nice fresh meat for a BBQ tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it, nobody else is coming, it's a test run for a bigger BBQ in a couple of weeks, but we got garlic butter chicken breast, rosemary and garlic chicken breast, and smokey BBQ chicken breast, minted lamb steak, and various sausages including Bramley (with a hint of apple) and lamb sausages with rosemary and garlic - are you sensing a pattern yet? We like garlic. Alot Grin

I did get some more poo news today, my grandpa was taken into hospital this week with heart problems. He has been released now, and my dad went to see him this afternoon, so I'm just waiting for an update which I will probably get tomorrow.

As it's my last week of being AOTM, I am going to make a concerted effort to be here for every remaining day - I apologise for being an infrequent blogger! I recently purchased Jean Power's Geometric Stars pattern and my aim is to have made at least one before the end of the month for you guys to see. They just look so cool Smiley 

Be back tomorrow! In the meantime, please take a minute to think about the people mercilessly killed in Oslo, and those in China who have been killed in a collision between two trains.

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