Tuesday, July 5

Naughty buddy missed a day!

There is only one way to happiness, and that is cease worrying about the things which are beyond the power of our will - Epictetus

I love my workplace, and my colleagues. It's gone 8pm and I've just wandered in the door. It's my manager's birthday today and we made last minute plans to all head to the pub for a drink - it turned into a really lovely evening sitting outside, having garlic mushrooms [huge portion] and lasagne [even huger portion!] and a couple of drinks, with cake and laughter. If only every school night could be so relaxed! When we were sitting chatting there was a whole club of old cars turned up as well, which were lovely to see. Unfortunately, I've been a bad buddy and didn't take any photos to show you all Sad sorry! Need to get the hang of this getting snapshots a bit more.

So, now that I know it's OK, I can tell you that I had another massive panic whilst we were house sitting. Jim's step-dad is Apple crazy, they've got iPads and iPhones, and he has his prized Apple Mac flat screen thing. Now, I don't know about anyone else who uses a Mac, but they never shut it down, they just put it to sleep. Apparently that's quite normal for a Mac? Anyway, the first Saturday [when the cat went missing], I went on it and had a browse on the internet, sent a couple of e-mails the usual kind of thing, and when I finished I put it to sleep. For the rest of the week, I was playing on the iPad as I don't have one, and I love the novelty [Grin] so the Mac sat untouched until 9 days later when I went and wiggled the mouse on the Tuesday morning. Nothing happened. Pressed the Esc key. Nothing happened. Hit the Enter key. Still nothing. Clicked the mouse. Starting to panic a bit now, so thought it may have turned itself off. Had to practically pick it up to find the power button [on the back left at the bottom in case you ever need to know!] and pressed it. Still nothing, so I held it down. The Mac turned off. Oh poo. Turned it back on, and it made that loud noise that Mac's do, and came up with a white screen - promising! Then it sat there. And sat there. I clicked the mouse, and it went to a black 'boot' type screen. Oh double poo. I spent the rest of their time away panicking about it, and when my brother in law had a look and couldn't tell me what it was I panicked more! Anyway, it was all for nothing as when I nervously broached the topic yesterday, mother in law said 'oh yeah we know about that, no panic!' I have decided that after a fortnight of near-disasters that's it! Next time they go away, I will feed the cats and the bunny rabbit, but I am not touching anything - except perhaps the iPad Grin

I have started saving for Laura McCabe in September! I can't wait, it's going to be fantastic. Only thing is, we've been recommended to use Fireline and I have never used it before. Jo has recommended me the 6lb stuff, and some wax, so I need to get that ordered so I can start playing. When I moved from Nymo onto KO, I never looked back and have never moved on. What thread do you seedy beaders use, and why do you favour it? One thing I love about the KO is the range of colours.

Well, I'm off to bead some more of my box - I'm on the lid now then just to hem it all! Not long now buddies Smiley


Kristen said...

Oh I know panic. Don't have a Mac but when this old puter puts up a fight I am left to crumbling in the corner!

KJ said...

You will love the fireline. Buy natural beeswax at a fabric store (or from the local bee keeper at the farmer's market.)

Buy the clear fireline- the smoke leaves your fingers grey. I buy my fireline at K-Mart in the fishing department, it is much cheaper than buying from a bead supplier.

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