Saturday, February 20

What weekend?

I absolutely feel like I've not stopped today! Having gotten up early to get the best fruit available from the market I dashed off to try and find a suitable replacement toilet seat... And ran out of time before I had to get to my beading class. Two hours of blissful beading a beautiful stitch, and getting half way to completing my necklace and I was off to the office to work some overtime as we are so so busy at the moment!

I will have photos of today's beading class project on here very soon, but I will try to get some photos in daylight without varying shadows. The stitch we used was called Wisteria, and I used a green and purple scheme which I think looks fantastic; I still continue to be surprised at what I can do with a few (hundred) beads, a needle and some thread.

We also had the pleasure of seeing some of the lapidary projects going on at the bead shop today, including a stunning pair of finely faceted briolette amethyst earrings made to order worth around £200, which of course left me racking my brains for a good excuse to be deserving of a treat... My brain train is still puffing away on that one! We had a quick low-down on the best Amethyst (from Zambia if you didn't know!) and also how to tell the best from the bland - all to do with reds and blues. If you like the facets on this briolette angel charm, D & K Designs, you would be in awe of the earrings! They caught the light so beautifully - if they were mine I wouldn't be able to walk away from the mirror! Now to start saving the pennies...

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bellajoya said...

First of all, I love your blog background! Thanks for checking out my blog. As for my tidepool ring, it takes about an hour to make and is super fun. The one that I sold recently I had to remake for a customer. She wanted it in a larger size. They are so fun to wear and I'm enjoying experimenting in the colors. Good luck with peyote and rivolis, that's still on my list of things to try for the future!

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