Monday, February 22

Confidence building...

Ok so I couldn't wait for the opportunity to get photos in daylight, so you'll have to settle with average photos taken under lamplight. I'm so pleased with how my Wisteria necklace has turned out I just had to share!

I loved the idea of having something organic, and when I got to the bead shop on Saturday morning, this was in fact the colour scheme that Tish had used but I fell in love with it and had to have my own! I was chuffed with how it ended up looking with the green stone as the focal bead, it really has finished it off just as I wanted.

Away from beautiful and gratifying necklaces anyway, I finally got around to doing a bit of a tester with even count peyote and am quite enjoying it. Not wanting to make a huge long song and dance out of practising, I've made myself a basic ring and found myself a reason to use one of the lovely wooden heart beads that I got for Christmas.

I love beading!

I've had a quick look and there's a beaded ring that's really caught my attention. Step up Sarah Paris Style and your beaded Cocktail Ring - this is absolutely stunning.

Happy beading!

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