Tuesday, February 23

Spare pennies

I need a new wishlist item... And I think I've found what it will be. I've just discovered Quernus Crafts - Kirsten launched her business in 2009, and is currently working primarily in polymer clay. I just can't resist her wee horses, and they shall be next on my wishlist. Her link can also be found as a permanent fixture on my blog to the right.

On a personal note, my hubby-to-be has opened up a hopefully fantastic job prospect where he works, which may allow me to work fewer hours in the next couple of years and focus more on jewellery - who knows, perhaps I may even get to have my own studio when we get ourselves a house! Discussing with the girls at work, a couple of them seemed to think that they'd get bored working less hours but I couldn't think of anything better. Rush around and do a tad bit of housework before settling down and making beautiful crafty designs all afternoon; yes please. Perhaps then I can try and experiment with more things.

Happy beading!

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