Tuesday, January 4

Santa's coming out

Secret Santa that is. We're finally doing the reveal on Bead Buddies, and here's what I received:

A little treasure trove of goodies - I hope you're all a little bit jealous :)

I really really want to post pictures of what I made but seeing as the buddy I made for hasn't yet posted any or guessed at who made them, I can't! Fingers crossed I will be able to soon though. I'm finding it really hard to guess at who made mine, I'm rubbish at this kind of thing.

Well, intending with all good will to stick to my resolution of finishing my UFBO's, I have started a netted chain to make my beaded pendant (picture to follow) into a lariat necklace. Only problem is that I have elected to do it in size 11's and it's taking a wee while to build up - who'd have known? Ah well, as long as I have enough beads it will be worth it - sneak peek tomorrow if you're lucky.

How are your resolutions going in the early days of 2011?

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