Monday, January 3

craft&design Selected Awards - Sabine Little

A friend on Bead Buddies has been selected to take part in these awards, and I just wanted to share her work with you in the hope you might see how fabulous she is and hop over to vote for her :)

Copied from the competition profile:
"Sabine Little is a professional glass bead maker and lampwork artist, working from her studio north of Sheffield. Her designs are regularly featured in a number of magazines, and she is sought after as a tutor and writer. 

She is best known for her 'Alcazar' range of exchangeable jewellery, with rings and pendants where the tops unscrew and can be mixed and matched, allowing each person the flexibility to find a ring that fits and choose tops to suit. This also creates an affordable model for galleries and shops, where the ability to provide all styles in all sizes requires less stock.

She is inspired by words, lyrics and names, and the ideas, images and emotions these invoke."

(I was going to try and write my own piece until I realised I really do babble too much - perhaps something to look at in the new year...)

That's not all this lady can do though, head over to her website to see some of the beautiful jewellery, beads and find out more. What I would like to leave you with is a truly stunning piece of glass work - I can only imagine how long it must have taken to make this glass rose!

If you have a moment, please do pop across and vote here for Sabine!


Rebecca said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing this news about Sabine with us - I have one of her lampwork butterflies and I lOVE it!!!

Sabine Little said...

Thank you so much for the blog entry, I am so excited about the awards, and it is amazing to receive such support!

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