Thursday, January 13

Progress is slow

Oh man have the last two weeks been rotten. Amongst being spoken to like crap at work (not by my colleagues I would like to point out!) and being shouted at by people who think it's their 'right' to an engineer being on their doorstep within 30 seconds of them phoning a fault through, I'm just feeling a bit stressed out, a bit overwhelmed, and wishing I could have a couple of days off.

Just as well it's the weekend after tomorrow hey!

I've just made the decision also to cancel my contract with BT, having had a few problems and a few charges recently on my bill for stupid things, when the contract renewal letter came through my letterbox this week I decided that enough was enough. Just got to wait for confirmation from Virgin now as to when we can get it installed... And having said that, and looking around my lounge - when we are going to have to have a huge clean up so that the engineer doesn't think we live in a total dump! Just keep telling me that this time next year I will hopefully be looking to get a house of my very own, please.

Enough with the negatives, lovely people, sorry to bring you all down with that rubbish - it's nice to have a place to vent a bit though. Good news on the lariat, I am about a third of the way through now, so at some point over the weekend when it's a little longer I'll post an update - may even start embellishing the end then do some more of the chain afterwards, we shall see.

Is it sad that I got a little excited that I now have 34 followers on Twitter? Lol - not even sure why people follow me at the moment, I don't really have much interesting stuff to say (but then why do you guys follow me on here either??) :) It's just nice to be a part of something really.

Ooh I am a bit gutted though, I've just had my MOO cards printed and now I'm cancelling my BT contract the e-mail address will be wrong after the next couple of months :( sad times. Eek, I've blabbed on a wee bit much this evening, will let you all get on with important things whilst I procrastinate over doing some housework... Have you had a look at my 'library' page yet? I'm trying to get a bit more on here to make it a bit more interesting - do you think a gallery page would be good, or too much?

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