Monday, January 25

I love beading!

It's certainly been a while, and boy has it been hectic - wedding plans seem to have taken over my life! I do now have a beautiful honeymoon booked though so all is well.

On a fantabulous note, I finally attended my first beading class at the Ipswich Bead Shop and loved it. I didn't think I could make much from nylon thread and seed beads, but now I'll be threading in the evenings where I can! This is a peek at the results from my first class and the subsequent evening of beading that night.

Needless to say, I will be returning this Saturday before heading out to my work 'do'. I did have a bit of fun making a larger flower to become a matching pendant for the silver and blue bracelet. And I've excitedly just ordered a mix of amethyst swarovski bicones and jet seed beads to make myself a bracelet for said 'do'! I can't wait to see how it looks! Watch this space!



Silver Surfer said...

Gosh your bracelets are stunning. make sure you keep time asside for your classes.

Littletreats Lou said...

Thanks so much, it's nice to have a bit of feedback! These were the first bracelets I made in my beading class, I've made a new one since and treated myself to some Swarovski bicones to make it sparkle :)

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