Sunday, December 13

Starting Out

So here's a few of my first attempts at jewellery making. I absolutely adore the purple butterfly set, and I want to try and make my first necklace to complete it! I'm also happy with the angel wings earrings (there are actually two but my niece was playing with the other at the time...) but I'm still not sure about the other navy bead earring... I never made a second as I'm not happy with how it turned out. I think it needs an extra silver ball on the bottom or something to finish it off. The thing that did please me about this was that I got to practise wire wrapping with the beads! It's really not as easy as it looks, but they did seem to get a little tidier by the last one.

I really need to start looking into what these classes entail as I'm desperate to start getting my jewellery out there - it would be lovely to know what everyone on the great wild world web thinks of my initial attempts! I would definitely feel happier putting jewellery out that I know has been made to the absolute best of my ability, and to that end I think I may have to invest in a wire jewellery book too - I just love these earrings by Cinnamon Jewellery and there are so many other beautiful things in her shop on Folksy, do go and take a look!

Anywho, I am off to try and find myself a suitable storage solution for my now-growing bead collection (the only thing now is to set myself up a proper work station, but that will probably have to be a thing for the future when I have a spare room...)

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