Tuesday, May 3

Back in civilisation

Well, after a week of no internet (yeah, cheers for that Virgin!) I'm finally back on and have just had a proper catch up with as many of you as is possible in under an hour. I did find a sneaky and great little thing that my iPhone can actually be used to access the internet on my PC, which would be great if I had unlimited usage, but as I'm limited to 500MB I had to use it sparingly.

Anyway, we have a new challenge on Bead Buddies... Sooz challenged us to show up to 3 bits in our beady stashes that we haven't figured out what to do with yet. We have to make something out of the norm from what we normally make (eek!) and be super proud of our achievement - and we have until the end of May. HELP! Here are my 3:

Now, I think that Laura's lampwork cuppy-cake is calling out the most at the moment, so I will probably work on something for that first. I'm still brainstorming the others - the aventurine leaf is a bit of a beast, it's 25-30mm or so, and I've no clue what to put with it! As for the wooden hearts, I'm thinking if I get chance that I might do a bit of bead embroidery (I know it's not 'out of the norm' per se, but I haven't done an awful lot of embroidery beading...) 

So, I'm currently half way through another pearly necklace:

ANNNND... Drum roll please... I have finally finished the Spring Necklace that I started over a year ago:

Stay tuned for some better photos - these are just a gist of the finished piece, I'm so pleased with it!


Nic :) said...

Impressive spring neckalce!
So gorgeous! Is it a keeper?

Kristen said...

I love how you added the sparkly wheels on the one side! They are my favorite to make. I have been out of it for a bit but I plan to get back into the swing of things soon. I hope!

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